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In Memoriam: Dennis Watkins 

From sailors to parents, and college college students to lawyers, there are thousands upon thousands of people who can boast they own an original Dennis Watkins tattoo. Many will proudly display their piece of art while others might be modest about where the artwork is kept. But these pieces of art will always be with them, as Dennis was, for most of his life, a tattoo artist.

Mr. Dennis Watkins established Gemini Tattoo Boutique Inc. in 1976 along with his wife, Gale Watkins. He lived a prolific life: was a loving husband, a tried and true friend, a passionate fisherman, and a talented and dedicated tattoo artist. Like his long time friend and mentor, Tattoo Charlie, Dennis was dedicated to seeing that his art was done right, safely, and respectfully. He apprenticed and then worked at Tattoo Charlie's Place for many years, eventually taking over ownership of the establishment in 1980. It was kept in the family until June of 2013.

Dennis passed away in 2008 and although he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in Gemini Tattoo Boutique. Each of the artists working here honor his memory by following in his footsteps, ensuring that every tattoo they do would have lived up to his expectations for beautiful and clean work.